Clifton Park

Love of animals brings success

Patricia’s Wrisley’s Muttley Crew Pet Services offers pet owners personalized pampering for their furry friends. Per sitting is part of a $2.4 billion industry and Wrisley knows that to stay competitive her hands-on approach is essential.

For over 10 years and from Alaska to Clifton Park and points in-between, Wrisley has successfully run her pet sitting business. Although her husband’s career trek moving them across the country, Wrisley continued to hand out her shingle in each new hometown.

Wrisley’s experience with animals started when her daughter, Amanda, was in Girl Scouts and 4H. Amanda brought home just about any stray she could find from cats, dogs, hamsters, ferrets and rabbits to frogs, goats and even llamas.

The family also owned horses and mother and daughter bonded over a shared love of animals.

It was when Wrisley needed a pet sitter for the first time that she eventually found a business partner with the woman who took care of her animals.

It was a good match. “We talked and we divided up the territory; I handled all the horses and farm animals,” she said.

Muttley Crew Pet Services offers owners of animals of all sizes experienced service.

Based on a pet owner’s needs, Wrisley can walk dogs on a daily basis or when requested and take care of pets when their owners are out of town. Wrisley will also stay overnight to ensure a pet’s feeling of security or taxi the felines and canines to their groomers, spas or vets.

“Companionship is very important to a pet. With isolation comes boredom – they need to energize their body, mind and spirit,” she said.

Wrisley’s initial visit with a new client is typically 30-40 minutes each. She gets to know the owners and their needs and they fill out paperwork. She is bonded and insured.

Clients may also call on her for emergency situations such as when a pet’s owner is taken to the hospital unexpectedly or if a client has to work late without prior notice. When Wrisley is at a client’s home she will also take care of the trash, blinds, mail and lights when deemed necessary. She offers a discount for seniors.

Wrisley’s passion for animals goes beyond her business. Her involvement in charitable organizations that supports animal health and well-being started in Juno, Alaska where she created the first Doggie Diner, a program at the homeless shelter for dogs not allowed in with their owners.

When the people leave the shelter each owner was given a care package of dog food to last a few days. This program continues today.

Locally, Wrisley supports Robin’s Nest Rescued Cat Adoptions and the humane societies. She volunteers for DINE (Dogs In Need Everywhere), a group whose mission is to find resources such as beds, leashes, food and crates for dogs at shelters and rescues. Wrisley’s clients also help her out by donating their extra or used items from their own pets.

Today, Wrisley can be found driving around town making her visits with her MUTTCREW vanity plates. During the busier seasons she does utilize two independent contractors.

“I do like to keep it small and do it myself,” Wrisley said. “I want my pet owners to know their best friends are being taken care of by someone who really cares.”

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