Clifton Park
Please print and fill out the following forms:
  • Client Checklist This form is a checklist of tasks the client should complete prior to leaving town when requesting pet sitting and home care services.
  • Veterinary Care Release This form is required for all pet care services. In your absence, we must be able to transport your pet to your veterinarian, or to some appropriate emergency facility, in the event of illness or injury.
If you are a return customer, you may also want to fill out the Pet Care update form.

     Client Checklist
A list of tasks that the client should complete
before the pet sitter arrives.

     Veterinarian Release Form
Veterinarian care release form to keep with your records.

     Pet Care Update Form
Pet sitter notes, contact information and feeding instructions.

     Pet Medication Form
It is important that your best friends get the medications they require in your absence. In order to ensure consistent administration, your pet sitter needs to know about all of the medications or treatments that are required. If your pet requires medication or other special care, please fill out the Muttley Crew Medication Form for each pet. You should make a note as to where to find all medications or supplies.

**All clients should take care to ensure adequate supplies of medication in a consistent location, e.g. the counter, a kitchen drawer or in a particular spot in your refrigerator. Since your pet's needs can change frequently, please be careful to review and update the form as needed.