Clifton Park

Initial Home Visit:
We will begin with a complimentary consultation where I come to your home, get to know you and your pet as well as your petís routine. Youíll fill out the customer information sheet and Iíll get a copy of your key. This service is free.

Going out of town? We come to your home for your pet while youíre away. We will follow your petís daily routine per your instructions, including feeding, watering, exercising and medications as needed. Most importantly we play with your pet! Dogs generally require 2-3 visits per day. Cats and other pets require 1-2 visits per day. See our rate schedule for additional services provided at no charge.

Dog Walking:
We offer a Dog Walking Program to give your canine companion a bright spot during the day. Dogs require physical and mental simulation just like we do. Exercise provided on a daily basis will energize their body, mind and soul. Many dog behavioral problems are the result of isolation, boredom and insufficient exercise. We also clean and refill your pet water dish at every visit.

Overnight Stays:
A slumber party for your furry friend! All the benefits of a basic pet-sitting visit plus, added companionship and security for your pet through the night. Limited availablity so book early.

Last Minute Help:
Call us when you need to work late or just canít get home in time to take care of your pet.

Ready Key Program:
Allowing us to keep a copy of your key will ensure youíre able to make a reservation over the phone whenever you need us. Itís particularly useful when you have to work late or leave town unexpectedly. If you ever lock yourself out of the house weíll be happy to bring you your key as well.